There are some guys who enjoy breaking girls’ hearts and keeping count of the number of girls they have slept with is a difficult task. Every innocent girl who joins the list of girls they have slept with is celebrated like a trophy. Such guys are referred to as playboys.

There are certain traits and qualities possessed by playboys. The ladies are starting to see and recognize these traits. Thus they are able to avoid falling into their nets. Like hunting animals, playboys have specific needs which are usually matched with the time of the day and the season.

Playboys do not fancy relationships and would prefer to have flings and uncomplicated affairs. As soon as they see that the ladies are getting too attached or starting to take the relationship to another level, they find ways to break off their engagement. They are comfortable with the concept of ‘friends with benefits’. But because they know many ladies would not want an affair like that, they pretend they are in it a hundred percent and play on the ladies.

7 traits of a playboy. 

1. They want girls to keep them warm when it is cold

Playboys do not like being alone when ‘konji’ catches them. They always want a girl to keep them warm when it is cold. The rainy season is the time when they are always in town and preying on their catch.

They are smooth operators who know the lines to use for girls in different categories. They select the girls well and opt in for those who want an affair with no strings attached.

2. When a girl plays smart on them

Playboys have their moments and sometimes get so unlucky and end up being played upon. The same way the society has playboys, there are ladies who are players too.

There are some ladies who have met guys like that in the past and are always calculating, they do not want to fall into their trap again. When this happens, the catch is not worth it. Thus, they continue preying on other ladies.

3. When they dress up to impress a lady

Playboys also dress smartly; they know what is in vogue and do well combining the trends of the society. Guys in this group are concerned about their look as that is their selling point.

They know ladies love meeting men who dress smartly and are presentable. The amazing thing is most of them do not spend on ladies as such; their looks already made up for that. it is an ever sure ticket to get any lady to trip.

4. When one of the girls says she is pregnant

Playboys definitely do not like it when one of their girlfriends says she is pregnant. They are always extra careful with ladies and expect the ladies to also have means of protecting themselves.

A lady who says she is pregnant is mounting some sort of burden on them; the mental exertion they would have to go through during that moment will not be a small one.

5. When the pregnancy result turns negative

A playboy would feel so relieved the moment he hears the pregnancy test result came out negative. They hate to think they would not smart enough with the ladies who claim to be pregnant; moreover, most of the ladies they sleep with do not fit their idea of happily ever after. These ladies are not part of the ones they would consider if they want to settle down.

6. When they fall in love

When playboys fall in love, they fall flat into it. They would do everything they could for that lady who finally wins their hearts. This is the lady that has their mumu button. They are always afraid of doing the wrong thing with this lady and would come out clean for her alone. When they fall in love, they do so with their head, heart, body and soul.

7. When they finally get to sleep with her

A playboy who finally had the opportunity to sleep with the woman he fell in love with could flop while at it. Different shades of emotions would splash over him and prevent him from performing like his usual self.

His excitement would know no bounds if the lady turns out to be a virgin. He would end up treating her like a queen and place every other person below her. Although he may get struck by his player’s intuition one day and end up sleeping with another woman, his heart would always remain with that woman he fell in love with.


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